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I practice in the areas of Special Education, Suspensions and Expulsions, and Academic Misconduct


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Special Education

Having a disability just means you have different needs. It should never be a value judgement. I help students from kindergarten though high school get the appropriate services and accommodations so that they can succeed.

Student Academic Misconduct

College can be confusing, and being accused of academic misconduct can have severe consequences for students. I help prepare students for misconduct hearings and write appeals.


Kids make mistakes! Its developmentally appropriate and totally normal. I advocate for kids to help them learn from those mistakes and get the education they deserve. 

Higher Education and Disabilities

Having a disability doesn't stop when you reach college, but the laws that protect you change. I help students with disabilities navigate college and graduate schools. 

Failure is just another data point. It doesn't need to define us.


Clients come to me with a specific problem, but usually it's the just tip of the iceberg in their lives. It's my job to advocate for you in crisis, set you up for success, and teach you the skills you need so that you won't need me the next time.

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